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You are not alone...

Parked In The Dark is a arcade style game with comical horror elements.

Find your car somewhere in the empty parking house. Time is against you and you are not alone. As the clock ticks, whatever is following you is getting more aggressive.

Now available on Steam (Play for free) and Google Play ($0.99).

GIF animation of flashing car - in game

Find clues

Find clues for visual hints of the whereabouts of your car.

Send up a balloon above the car or even make the car flash - anything to find it as fast as possible.

Find bonuses

Pickup bonuses for increased speed, time extensions, etc.

Run into the wailing ghosts of previous car owners still looking for their cars? Good! - They might provide you with extra bonuses!

Collect lost car keys and gain bonus seconds for each key!

GIF animation of bonus speed - in game
GIF animation of car ride

Find your car

The cars in the parking house is randomly placed every time. Can you find your car and unlock it the fastest and get a spot on the leaderboards?

Survival mode

Play for survival and beat the clock. This game mode is all about not getting caught and see how long you can make it.